Poetry Piano Painting


Poetry Piano Painting

The city and the couple
Poesie Piano Painting
Judith Bokodi, Stefan Grosser, Michaela Halt

Stefan Grosser is the owner of a small family business in the interior design sector. He has been writing the work in progress "homo sapiens. Report of a shipwrecked man". While working on this multi-thousand-page epic, Stefan Grosser presents excerpts at symposia, readings and literary-musical events.

"homo sapiens. Report of a shipwrecked man" consists of 9 individual volumes in the text genres of poetry, essay, short story and novel. The dystopian cycle of works spans a period from the end of the 1960s to the replacement of the Gregorian calendar by a new calendar in the distant future.

Under the motto Poetry Piano Painting, Stefan Grosser reads poems from his work and Michaela Halt plays jazz on the piano in the studio of the painter Judith Bokodi.

The podcast is an audio recording of the event from June 8, 2024 and is only available in German:

Audio file

One of the poems read aloud is "Auf der Couch":

On the Couch

The rain shuts out the cigarette smoke
the open window
that fogs into the walls of books
as our spoken words fog into us
and into the wash of rain

More poems and lyrics, essays, stories, and novel excerpts from Grosser's work in progress are on Grosser's project website.